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The ACT Community

The ACT Community is an online group designed to help ACT practitioners come together to grow and develop their ACT skills and knowledge in a supportive community

The ACT Community is a great place to meet with fellow ACT therapists and practitioners to build and develop your Acceptance and Commitment knowledge and skills.  The group provides a forum for discussion and each month we host two seperate online groups

1. The ACT Practice Group

2. The Case Conceptualisation Group

In between, you'll have access to our online forum where you can ask questions and connect with your feelow practitioners in an environment of friendly encouragement.

The ACT Practice Group

Practice Your Skills With Real-Time Feedback

The ACT Practice Group, for ACT Practitioners, uses a format known as the Portland model to help facilitate practitioners to practice their skills in small groups of supportive professionals.

The key aspect of the group is built around role-plays, and real-plays, designed to practice your skills with real-time feedback. 

Each member of the group takes turns in each of the different roles

  • The Skills Builder - the practitioner in the role of the therapist

  • The Assistant - the practitioner offering consultation to the Skills Builder

  • The Case Presenter - the practitioner taking the role of the client or patient

  • The Monitor - the practitioner observing the ACT processes and offering feedback at the end


We know that, once practitioners have a basic understanding of the skills and processes involved in ACT, the most effective route to developing those skills is through practice and feedback.  This group is designed to give you that, in a supportive, encouraging, and friendly format.

Get Clarity On Your ACT Formulations

The Case Consultation Group is an online space to discuss cases with other professionals. Our aim is to facilitate the enhancing of ACT case formulations, identifying and clarifying relevant ACT processes, and improving the effectiveness of chosen ACT interventions and treatment plans.

Case Consultation Group

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