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Clinical Supervision

My background is in treating clients and patients with a wide range of mental health problems and I have significant experience with complex trauma in an NHS Complex Care Team, the Military and Private Practice. I provide supervision that would suit those applying Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). As a BABCP accredited clinician, I am able to support CBT therapists wishing to become accredited or who wish to maintain their current accreditation.

How clinical supervision can help...

Supervision is an essential part of clinical practice providing space for the development of your skills, formulations, and interventions and the opportunity to reflect on the professional and personal impact of your clinical experiences.  

Our work can be both rewarding and challenging. It can be complex, and solutions are not always clear, while at the same time requiring us to hear others significant pain and distress. As people too, we need the time and space to  process our own emotions and the impact our work has on our lives and often how our lives impact on our work. Good supervision is both a place to become more effective with your interventions, helping you sharpen your understanding of the issues your clients face, allowing you to become more precise and impactful in your interventions,, and it is a place to reflect on your experiences and to make sense of them.

Supervision helps you to...


  • to make sense of your client's difficulties.

  • to choose the most effective strategies to help your client.

  • to refine your interventions and create effective change with your client.

  • to understand your own experiences, actions, and reactions, in the room and how best to respond to them.

Supervision will enable you to...


  • learn and develop clinical skills to integrate into your practice.

  • add precision to your formulations and interventions.

  • discuss and reflect on the latest research and how this might inform your clinical work.

  • provide a space to reflect on your practice and plan for your development.

Supervision is delivered securely and conveniently via Zoom.


£120 for 90 minute appointment

£80 for 60 minute appointment

Need a bespoke supervision arrangement for your organisation, or to arrange for a group? Please get in touch to discuss.

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